Former Oath Commission Members

The following persons have actively participated in the Oath Commission during the past years:


  • Wils Jean-Pierre, Dr.; Full Professor for "Philosophical Ethics and Philosophy of Culture" at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Radboud University Nijmegen (NL), scientific advisory board Dialog Ethik, founding member and chairman of the Oath Commission.
  • Baumann-Hölzle Ruth, theol.; Institute Director Dialog Ethik, founding member of the Oath Commission.
  • Egger Bernhard, MD; Full Professor of Surgery at the University of Fribourg, Titular Professor at the University of Bern, Head of the Clinic for Surgery HFR, Vice President FMCH, Founding Member of the Oath Commission,
  • Giger Max, MD; former President of the Swiss Drug Commission, former member of the Central Board FMH, former Scientific Advisory Board Dialogue Ethics, founding member of the Oath Commission.
  • Käch Claudia, oec. publ.; CEO Regionalspital Surselva AG, founding member of the Oath Commission.
  • Kovatsch Audrey, med.; medical student at the University of Zurich, representative of the training commission swimsa.
  • Meier-Allmendinger Diana, MD, lic. theol.; specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy FMH, former head of outpatient clinic Aarau Klinik Schützen, Team Member Institute Dialog Ethik.
  • Anja Huber, phil. / Psychologist FSP , Management Staff / Head of Communication Institute Dialog Ethik, Zurich.
  • Pòk Lundqvist Judit, MD; gynecologist FMH, former head of the gynecological clinic at the University Hospital Zurich, President of the Administrative Board Insitute Dialog Ethik.
  • Schai Pascal, MD; Leading Physician Clinic of Orthopedics, Cantonal Hospital Lucerne, Wolhusen, Member of the Ethic Forum LUKS.
  • Uebel Jochen, MD, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, certified medical assessor SIM, head of work integration and insurance medicine at the Schützen Clinic, Rheinfelden.
  • Lababidi Namir, MD, Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy FMH, Medical Director of Schützen Clinic, Outpatient Clinic Aarau.
  • Hürlimann Orlando, cand. med., medical student (master studies) University of Fribourg, member swimsa.
  • Maurer Gustav Simon, cand. med., medical student (master studies) University of Basel, member swimsa.
  • Asikainen Sofia, cand. med., medical student (master studies) University of Lausanne, member swimsa.