Association purpose

Aim and purpose


The Association Swiss Medical Oath (ASMO) aims at the large-scale implementation of the Swiss Medical Oath among physicians. The oath is intended to strengthen the professional ethics of this professional group for the benefit of patients and at the same time to counteract the increasing economization in the health care system. The aim of the association is to establish the Swiss Medical Oath within the medical profession. In particular, younger and future physicians are to be informed, motivated and interested for the Oath.

The association does not pursue commercial purposes and does not seek profit.

The association:

  • maintains its own independent website (in several national languages - reference language is GERMAN) with the name "Schweizer Medizin Eid - Gelöbnis von Ärztinnen und Ärzten" (Swiss Medical Oath - Pledge of Physicians).
  • informs and supports physicians and universities/institutions/organizations in the planning and implementation of oath ceremonies.
  • establishes a network within the sworn medical profession.
  • networks with institutions/organizations with similar objectives in Switzerland and abroad.
  • participates in events with similar objectives.
  • organizes its own events to achieve its goals.
  • carries out active media work to disseminate the oath.